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IGNOU MS-05 Solved Assignments | MS-05 Management of Machines and Materials

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Course Code : MS - 5
Course Title : Management of Machines and Materials
Assignment Code : MS-5/TMA/SEM - II/2019

1. Why do you think is managing a high volume continuous operation easier than managing a high-variety intermittent operation?

2. “Work measurement is concerned with the determination of the amount of time required to perform a unit of work”. Explain the work measurement procedure. Also explain any two techniques of work measurement.

3. What do you understand by “mass production system”? Explain advantages and disadvantages. Also, state the right time to go for mass production.

4. “It is realistic to expect that all material put into process will not end up as good saleable product”. Explain the treatment of wastage in cost accounts in the light of the statement.

5. Write the short notes on the following:-
(i) Quality Organisation
(ii) Objectives of Operations Management
(iii) Product Development.

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