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IGNOU MS-611 Solved Assignments | MS-611 Rural Marketing

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Course Code : MS-611
Course Title : Rural Marketing
Assignment Code : MS-611/TMA/SEM-II/2019

1. Identify elements of rural environment that affect the marketing decisions for the rural markets. Give examples of each environmental factor and their likely impact on the marketing mix of a product.

2. Explain the buyer behavior process in the context of rural markets with respect to purchase of a tractor.

3. What is promotional pricing? With the help of suitable examples explain the different promotional pricing methods adopted in rural markets.

4. Discuss the specific packaging adaptations that are required to be made when consumer products are specifically targeted at the rural markets.

5. Differentiate between urban and rural market research. Suggest some possible areas where rural marketing research would find increasing application in India.

6. Having identified the rural market potential, your company is planning to promote its economy range of hair care products such as shampoo, hair color, hair oil etc. in rural markets. What media mix would you suggest to the company and why? 

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