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IGNOU MS-612 Solved Assignments | MS-612 Retail Management

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Course Code : MS-612
Course Title : Retail Management
Assignment Code : MS-612/TMA/SEM-II/2019

1. (a) What is retailing? Discuss the evolution of Indian retailing, its importance and growth areas citing suitable examples.

(b) What is a retail format? Classify retail formats with suitable examples. What constitute a chain store? List out and discuss the reasons for chain stores growing exponentially in the Indian context.

2(a) Who is a retail customer? Discuss with an example the major activities a retailer undertakes in order to cater to the end customer. What are the elements of strategic planning process and explain their significance.

(b) Explain with an example why Locational decisions are of strategic importance which determine the success of a retail business? Propose suitable locational decisions for the following:
(i) Chain of multispecialty hospitals
(ii) Mopeds (50CC) vehicles

3(a) Distinguish retail mix with marketing mix. What are the key considerations that a retailer should take into account while devising a retail mix strategy. Explain with an example.

(b) What is atmospherics in retail business? Discuss the key components of retail atmospherics and its role in retail strategy with an example of your choice.

4(a) Describe sourcing as a critical function of retail business. What are the steps involved in sourcing process? Explain with two examples of your choice where sourcing function has largely contributed to the success of the business.

(b) Discuss the major legal and security issues which has a direct impact on the retail business.

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