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IGNOU MS-95 Solved Assignments | MS-95 Research Methodology for Management Decisions

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Course Code : MS-95
Course Title : Research Methodology for Management Decisions
Assignment No. : MS-95/TMA/SEM-II/2019

1. “The characteristics of interest identify what there is about the units that are of concern to the decision maker”. Explain the statement. Also, explain the two types of variables in the light of the statement.

2. (a) Which method is most suitable for conducting enquiry regarding family welfare programme in India? Explain its merits and demerits.

(b) Discuss the advantages of sampling method over census method of data collections.
3. What are the typical situations for using non-parametric tests? Explain any one sample and two sample test in brief.

What are the various one sample non-parametric tests? Explain any two such tests. The one sample tests can be applied to answer which kind of questions? Discuss!

4. What are the appendices to the report? Are all of them essential for understanding the theme of the report? Can they be pruned?

5. Write the short on the following:
(a) Audio-visual aids
(b) Issues in Attitude measurement
(c) Model Building
(d) Factorial Design.

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